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College Classes

 Eureka County High School provides an opportunity for students to take online classes.


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College Classes

Classroom Expectations for

Students Enrolled in College Courses

College courses do not usually begin and end at the same time as high school courses. Students are expected to attend the assigned ECHS classroom regardless of the college calendar. Students should be on time, have academic work to do for the college class, work for one of their other classes, or reading material. Depending on the college instructor, assignments may be locked until a paticular day of the week, and so the student must bring academic work to do in lieu of the college course.


The time should not be considered a recess. Accessing games, videos, and other recreational uses of the computers are not appropriate.


Students are encouraged to consult the classroom teacher at any time they have questions, concerns, or need assistance. Weekly progress will be recorded. Grades in the courses are collected each Thursday and recorded in Power School. Parents are encouraged to check weekly on student progress. Students who are absent on Thursdays may submit grades the day prior, send grade to ECHS staff through email, or arrange alternative grade reporting with the ECHS staff.


Information Sheet Concerning College Courses

• ECHS Students have the opportunity to take college classes through GBC & WNC.

• Students will earn dual credit which means that high school elective credit will be given for each college class. English 101/102 classes will earn English Honors Credit. Math 126/127 and 181/182 will earn Math Honors Credit. The grade earned in each college course will be reflected on the high school transcript.

• The school counselor will help facilitate the process for enrolling in college classes, which includes providing paperwork, arranging for placement tests, and sending in paperwork. However, it is the student’s responsibility to apply online to both GBC and WNC and to have all necessary paperwork turned in. Important: Students who enroll in college are protected under FERPA. This prevents agents of the school and parents from acting on the student’s behalf without the permission of the student. As a result, students will need to be the person in contact with the college and instructors.

• College courses are designed to be independent courses. It is the student’s responsibility to review the course requirements and syllabus to remain in good standing in the course. Students are encouraged to contact their college instructor should there be any questions or problems. All high school students who enroll in college courses will be assigned a teacher or counselor to act as a facilitator of the course. Students are also encouraged to ask for assistance from their facilitator if any problems arise.

• College breaks do not coincide with high school breaks. Students will have to turn in assignments and tests as listed on their course syllabus.

• College courses do not usually begin and end at the same time as high school courses. Students must understand that once their college course is over, they are still required to remain in the high school facilitation class and will not have a “free” period.

• ECSD will pay the high school rate for GBC and WNC courses. This is usually $50 tuition, $10 new student fee, and $15 technology fee. Should a course have an additional fee or not qualify for the high school discount, the student and parent will be responsible for the additional fees. Should a student decide to take a class from another college, ECSD will pay up to $65 towards the tuition/fees and the student/parent will be responsible for the remainder. ECSD will not pay for college courses taken during the summer.

• ECSD will purchase/rent required books or eBooks for college courses. All textbooks must be returned on the last day of the college semester. Any fees incurred because of lost or late textbooks will be paid by the parent/student.

• College courses count as a high school class and a weekly grade will be recorded every Thursday based on the grade that is reflected on the student’s GBC site. The grade will be included in eligibility checks.

• Should a student fail to successfully complete a college course, the parent/student will be responsible for reimbursing the district for all costs incurred for the course.